We believe 我們深信:

有一位創造的神,祂是供應、引導並拯救我們的獨一真神! God created the world. He is the only God who provides for, leads, and saves us. 

耶穌基督是神的獨生子,由聖靈感孕,藉童貞女馬利亞所生;祂是完全的神,也是完全的人。祂為我們的罪受死,埋葬後第三天從死裡復活,升天,並照祂所應許的還要再來。Jesus Christ is the one and the only son of God. By the power of Holy Spirit he became incarnate through Virgin Mary. He is fully God and fully man. He was crucified for our sins, and was resurrected from death on the third day. He ascended to heaven and will come back again as he promised. 

聖靈是與聖父,聖子同質、同權、同尊、同榮;祂感動信徒重生成聖,又賜下各樣屬靈的恩賜,而這些恩賜今日仍然持續建造著教會。信徒應不斷地被聖靈充滿、接受裝備,過一個與世界有別的聖潔生活,並得著能力傳揚天國的福音,完成主的大使命!Holy Spirit has the same quality, power, honour, and glory as God the Father and the Son. He  endows all sorts of Spiritual gifts, and these gifts are still being used today to build up His church. Disciples shall be filled with Holy Spirit continuously, and shall be equipped to live a holy life separated from the mundane lives in the world, and also be empowered to share the Gospel of the Kingdom, and to fulfill the LORD's great commission.

整本聖經是神對我們寶貴的啟示,也是神對我們愛的表達,更是我們信仰和生活最可靠的準則。The Bible is the revelation from God. It's also God's love toward us. It is the foundation upon which our faith and our lifestyles shall be established. 

世人因不順服神,墮落成罪人,完全敗壞而無力自救。‬‬因著神的恩典也因著人的悔改,信靠耶穌在十字架上所成就的救贖大工,人可以領受得救的恩典!People had fallen and became sinners because of their disobedience to God. By God's grace and people's repentance, we can receive the grace of salvation through Jesus’ accomplishment on the cross.

浸禮是教會為重生得救之人施洗的主要方式,但也尊重接受其他方式的洗禮。Full- immersion baptism is the way of baptizing the saved in our church. However, we respect and accept other types of baptism.   

在末日,基督將再來,審判活人死人,不信的人復活受永刑,信的人復活得永生,並與基督同作王,直到永永遠遠!On the end of the world, Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead. People who don't believe will be resurrected to receive eternal punishment. Those who believe will be resurrected to have eternal lives and to be king with Christ, forever and ever.  

活動細節 Details of activities:

  • Worship (Chinese and English Bilingual Service)中英文雙語敬拜:
    6:00-7:30pm, every Saturday. 每週六晚上。
  • Kids Church小朋友教會: 6:00-7:30pm, every Saturday每週六晚上。
    Group 1: 2-6 years old. Group 2: 7-12 years old. 
  • Youth Group青少年小組: 7:30-9:30pm, every other Friday. 隔週五晚上。
  • English Bible Study Group英語查經小組: 7:30-9:30pm, every other Friday.隔週五晚上。
  • Outings戶外活動: regular outdoor activities, such as B.B.Q, hiking, camping, 4WD, and etc...經常性舉辦,包括燒烤、健行、露營、越野車行等等。